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Philipino Tale: Juan Wearing a Monkey’s Skin Essay

This Filipino story was recorded in English based on a Kapampangan (Pampango, from the province of Pampanga) version in the early 20th century. There is also a Bicolano (Bikulano, from Bicol) version of this story. Once upon a time there was a couple which was at first childless. The father was very anxiousto have a son to inherit his property: so he went to the church daily, and prayed God to give hima child, but in vain. One day, in his great disappointment, the man exclaimed without thinking, â€Å"O great God! let me have a son, even if it is in the form of a monkey!† and only a few days later his wife gave birth to a monkey. The father was so much mortified that he wanted to kill his son;but finally his better reas on prevailed, and he spared the child. He said to himself, â€Å"It is my fault,I know; but I uttered that invocation without thinking.† So, instead of putting the monkey to death, the couple just hid it from visitors; and whenever any one asked for the child, they merely answered, â€Å"Oh, he died long ago.† The time came when the monkey grew to be old enough to marry. He went to his father, and said, â€Å"Give me your blessing, father, for I am going away to look for a wife.† The father was only too glad to be freed from this obnoxious son, so he immediately gave him his blessing. Before letting him go, however, the father said to the monkey, â€Å"You must never come back again to our house.† â€Å"Very well, I will not,† said the monkey. The monkey then left his father’s house, and went to find his fortune. One night he dreamed thatthere was a castle in the midst of the sea, and that in this castle dwelt a princess of unspeakable beauty. The princess had been put there so that no one might discover her existence. The monkey, who had been baptized two days after his birth and was named Juan,immediately repaired to the palace of the king. There he posted a letter which read as follows: â€Å"I, Juan, know that your  Majesty has a daughter.† Naturally the king was very angry to have his secret discovered. He immediately sent soldiers to look for Juan. Juan was soon found, and brought to the palace. The king said to him, â€Å"How do you know that I have a daughter? If you can bring her here, I will give her to you for a wife. If not, howeve r, your head shall be cut off from your body.† â€Å"O your Majesty!† said Juan, â€Å"I am sure that I can find her and bring her here. I am willing to losemy head if within three days I fail to fulfil my promise.† After he had said this, Juan withdrew, and sadly went out to look for the hidden princess. As he was walking along the road, he heard the cry of a bird. He looked up, and saw a bird caught between two boughs so that it could not escape. The bird said to him, â€Å"O monkey, if you will but release me, I will  give you all I have.†

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Project manager for a Cable Planning Essay

As the project manager for a Cable Planning team, I will manage the creation of the cable plan for a new building that will be built, with construction set to begin in six weeks. My first task in creating a Cabling Plan is to develop an Executive Summary that will contain the Project Introduction and Infrastructure Cable Specifications and Standards. My manager gave me the overall project plan that includes: A detailed description of the new building, including the total number of computers for all of the employees of the company. Also the server and network topology hardware that is required to put the system together. Cable Standards and Codes: ANSI/NEMA Standards Publication No. WC 66-2001 â€Å"Performance Standard for Category 6 and Category 7 100 Ohm Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables† ANSI/TIA/EIA-526-7 â€Å"Measurement of Optical Power Loss of Installed Single-Mode Fiber Cable Plant† ANSI/TIA/EIA-526-14A â€Å"Optical Power Loss Measurements of Installed Multimode Fiber Cable Plant† BICSI TDMM â€Å"Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 11th Edition† CENELEC EN 50173:2000 and amendments â€Å"Information Technology – Generic Cabling Systems† IEC/TR3 61000-5-2 – Ed. 1.0 and amendments â€Å"Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 5: Installation and mitigation guidelines – Section 2: Earthing and cabling† ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Ed 2.0 and amendments â€Å"Information technology – Generic cabling for customer premises† NFPA70 National Electric Code – Article 645 and Article 800 2.2.15. NFPA 70E â€Å"Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2004 Edition† 2.2.16. NFPA 75 â€Å"Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment, 2003 Ed.† Building Standards and Codes: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.1, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.3, and addenda â€Å"Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard – Part 1: General Requirements† â€Å"Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard – Part 2: Balanced Twisted-Pair Cabling Components (December 2003)† â€Å"Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard – Part 3: Optical Fiber Cabling and Components Standard† ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-B and addenda â€Å"Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces† ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A and addenda â€Å"Administration Standard for the Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings† NFPA 76 â€Å"Standard for the Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities, 2005 Edition† ANSI-J-STD-607-A and addenda â€Å"Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications† Project Materials †¢Fiber-Optic Design Considerations a)We will be utilizing fiber optics in various ways. We will be crafting the backbone, and riser runs with fiber optic cables. †¢Basement Server Complex Design a)The server will have a network capacity that exceeds the 110 people/computers in the basement. One computer per person. b)We will patch each of these computers to the wall outlet with standard Cat6 patch cables. c)Risers and backbones will be constructed with fiber optic cables. d)Horizontal runs with utilize Cat6 cabling. e)We will need 5 Cisco WS-C3750 G-24PS-S:24 Ports catalyst switches to maintain the minimum standard of having 4 ports free on each switch †¢Standard Floor Design a)The network capacity of this design is to exceed 200 people/computers. One computer per person. b)I will patch each of these computers to the wall outlet with standard Cat6 patch cables. c)Risers and backbones will be constructed with fiber optic cables. d)Horizontal runs with utilize Cat6 cabling. e)I will need 10 Cisco WS-C3750 G-24PS-S:24 Ports catalyst switches to maintain the minimum standard of having 4 ports free on each switch. †¢Fiber-Optic Characteristics: a)SC connectors will be used to terminate optical cables. †¢Bandwidth a)The hardware we are installing will have a speed of 1Gbps. †¢Attenuation a)I will use special tools to test for attenuation as the project progresses, and replace accordingly. †¢Electromagnetic Immunity a)I will periodically test for interference. †¢Link Performance Analysis a)I will schedule periodic tests to verify performance, and bandwidth speeds. †¢Cable Transmission Performance a)I will test for inconsistencies in transmissions sent and received. †¢Splice and Connector Performance a)I will test each termination and connector to ensure it meets or exceeds the expected standards. †¢Power Budget a)I will calculate each devices power requirement, to ensure adequate power is provided. b)I will use energy efficient methods, which will not sacrifice performance, but ensure that utility costs do not exceed the budget. Standard floor layout

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Beard vs Graff

As an ex-marine and a supporter for increased personal independence, you take pride in offering customers a variety of helmets and accessories that allow the consumer to express themselves confidently.Without your creative vision, this company would not have the sales growth that it has had over the ears due to your persistent work ethic. I am eager to continue to learn from you how to operate a profitable independent business, as I wish to accomplish similar successes in the long run. The number of U. S. traffic deaths has been on decreasing over the years; however, more people are dying in motorcycle crashes. 4,612 motorcyclists died in 2011, more than two times the amount in 1997.Out of the 4,612 lives taken from motorcycle accidents, around 750 could have been saved had the rider been wearing a â€Å"DOT† certified helmet. As you know, we have sold many novelty helmets over the years that o not meet â€Å"DOT† safety requirements, and these helmets provide no protec tion in a crash. Research has concluded that there is a â€Å"100-percent probability of brain injuries and skull fractures,† indicating that these helmets are worn more for style rather than safety. As this issue becomes more prevalent in the media, customers will begin to question whether price and style trump a lifesaving protective â€Å"DOT† helmet.As you have served in the military, you know how important each person's life is. With 800,000 novelty helmets being sold per year, imagine how many lives you ould save by excluding novelty helmets from our product line. Although this would be a large change in our business strategy, this change can increase profits, limit motorcycle fatalities, and positively portray the morals of our fear that I can see you having with only selling â€Å"DOT† helmets is that profit margins would diminish.Yet, we can increase our bottom-line if we inform our customer base of the extreme differences in protection that both helmet s provide. Once our consumers understand the importance of â€Å"DOT† helmets through statistics and estimonials of current customers whose lives were saved, we can incrementally increase these prices. It's also vital to note that with possible legislation being enacted that would ban novelty helmets and require all riders to wear â€Å"DOT† certified helmets, your company would be far more prepared for these changes than anyone else.Not to mention, in this litigation intense environment that we currently live in, banning novelty helmets from our product line would lower the probability of law suits exponentially. This is an opportune time to make a decision that will allow your company to grow for any years to come, and banning novelty helmets from your product line will be the right choice. You have always been extremely innovative, and with your leadership, we will continue to provide our customers with products that exceed our competitors' efforts.I would like to s et up a meeting with you on Friday, November 1 5th so that we can go forward with this project, and discuss the changes that must be made to expand our profits. I am confident that you recognize the benefits of going forward with this idea, and I will see you on Friday to resolve any other concerns that you may have. Sincerely, Sales, Marketing Department

Production and Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Production and Operations Management - Essay Example There are generally five operation and supply performance objectives. These are: i. Cost: this is the ability of organization to produce at the minimum cost. ii. Quality: the organization’s capability to produce depending on its specifications without any error. iii. Speed: the ability of doing things rapidly in response to customers’ requirements and demands hence giving short lead times amidst when customers order product or services and the time they receive them. iv. Dependability: the ability of delivering products and services depending on promises conducted on customers. For instance in the quotation or any other published information. v. Flexibility: the ability of changing operations. ... That statement shows organization’s aspirations and values, hence the primary purpose and reason for its existence. Founded on the mission statement, those organizations formulate its business plan. The plan of that organization is a permanent to accomplish the mission set forth within its mission statement. Every function in that business may then derive its own plan to support the organization’s entire business strategy (Slack & Lewis, 2002). Mills (2002), operation and Supply strategy of an organization is thus the mutual concrete actions taken, mandated and stimulated within that organization’s strategy. This is implemented in that organization’s operation function. The operations plan brings together several operations actions and decisions into an interrelated persistent response into competitive forces. These are connected into organization’s programs, policies, actions and systems to a systematic reaction into the competitive priorities comm unicated and chosen by the business or corporate plan. Thus, the Operation and Supply strategy specifies the manner in which an organization lays its operation capabilities in support of the business strategies. How Operation and Supply strategy in industry affects the customer service Background and Objectives Operation and Supply strategy describes the certain kinds of value that organization delivers to its customers. It recognizes the business units to be involved in that organization. The organization unit strategy identifies capabilities, priorities and resource deployments required in support of that business strategy within the associated value proposition. All the levels of strategic

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Definitions of heresy and the descriptions of the trial of Margery Essay

Definitions of heresy and the descriptions of the trial of Margery Kempe - Essay Example During the time during which Margery was practicing her belief, she was at odds with the common belief of the general public. Margery was a woman who in one way or another tried to spread her beliefs to others. This could be counted as preaching which was against the teachings of Paul for a woman to preach to the people. The definition of a heretic includes having deviant faith from the commonly accepted scriptures which Margery was guilty of. She wore all white and claimed to have visions of Christ and Mary that seemed unreal from the scriptures. She could not have been the maid of Mary. Her beliefs were a risk as they would bring discourse should the people have started believing in her faith. It is for this reason that the Archbishop of York did not want her to be escorted by a younger man. He was willing to pay five shillings to an older man to escort her instead because his faith in the common scripture would already be established and tougher to sway (Clark 2007). The definition also includes that the error is ascertained when the individual believing in deviant faith refuses to renounce this faith. Margery refused to denounce her belief before the priest and before the Arch bishop. For this reason, many people were against her and wanted her burnt as they believed that she as committing heresy. It is proved from the definition that an aspect of her faith led her to commit heresy. Despite knowing the scriptures, she did not follow them to the letter which led her to be arrested in several accounts for instance in York. She had different ideologies bout the scriptures and what was expected of the human beings from Christ. The trips that Margery made were in the name of spreading her faith to others which was therefore an act of preaching. She was trying to get more people to share in her faith about the scriptures which was a crime in itself as she was a woman

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Gender studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gender studies - Essay Example However, the concept of gender and masculinity is not actually as simple as it may seem, because, in reality, gender has different meanings to different people (Phillips), as well as masculinity. Gender, Social Practice, and Masculinity. Connell in his book entitled Masculinities views the individual "gender as a structure of social practice" (72). This assertion clearly contradicts to the consideration that gender is formed out of biological reproduction. To Connell, gender exists due mainly to the incapacity of biology in determining the social. Hence, the relationship of genders is one thing that structures the society, and that gender is being developed through an individuals daily undertakings in the society. The construction of gender begins at the time a mother gives birth to her child. Once the baby comes out her womb, the gender of the child is identified based on the genitalia. Babies are clothed in a manner that will represent their gender so that no further questions can be asked in regard to it after knowing their gender. Hence, a sex category transforms into a gender status by the process of giving names, or of dressing (Lorber). Now, there is a form of division once the child knows that he/she is a male or a female because the society dictates that males are different from females and that no gender can be in opposite (homosexual) or both (bisexual) based on the individual humane body features. All these things enable the so called social construction of gender. How does the social construction of gender affect masculinity? Based on Connells approach to identifying gender, masculinity has nothing to do with all things biologically. People have created their own version of what masculinity should mean, and they have succeeded. Because in todays world, talking about masculinity means talking about man alone, and

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Lost in Translation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lost in Translation - Essay Example In the excerpt provided, Hoffman describes her journey from Europe to North America, the influx of emotions and the kind of experience it was. She puts into perspective what she gained, what she lost, her regrets and her way forward from there. She felt traumatized at the plight of leaving behind her place of childhood and was over-whelmed with an influx of deep emotions as she stood on the deck of her boat. As claimed in the text â€Å" †¦.I feel that my life is ending†¦and I want to break out, run back, run toward similar excitement, the waving hands, the exclamations. We cant be leaving all this behind† She felt that a very crucial chapter of her life and of her own existence is being taken away from her, is slipping from her hands and she is in no mood to let it slip. No matter how traumatic her experience was in Cracrow, she yet holds the streets of her childhood, her friends and all her memories very dear to her. As put in the expert regarding her feelings on e migration ..† It’s a notion of such crushing, definitive finality that to me it might as well mean the end of the world. â€Å" She felt nostalgia engulfing as if the last moments of the best of her life went flashing past by her as the Polish national anthem was played before the ship left. That must have been a very engaging moment for her. She not only had to counter the feeling of leaving behind a very important part of her life but had to suffice it with the feeling of sadness and longiness.

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The Divided Kingdom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Divided Kingdom - Essay Example In Samaria which was the capital of Israel at the time, people fed on their children (2 Kings 6:25-30). According to Collins, for both Judah and Israel, the offences against God were: idol worship, religious syncretism, desecration of the temple with idols, a litany of social and economic injustices and moral decadence. All these problems persisted because of Israel and Judah’s failure to listen to God’s word which came through the prophets. Bad leadership may also have exacerbated this unfortunate state of affairs. All the kings of Israel were not faithful to YHWH, while the bad kings in Judah were Rehoboam (930-913 BC), Abijam (913-911 BC), Jehoram (848-841 BC), Ahaziah (841 BC), Queen Athaliah (841-835 BC), Uzziah (781-740 BC), Manasseh (697-642 BC), Amon (642-640 BC), Jehoahaz (609 BC), Jehoiakim (609-598 BC), Jehoiachin (598-597 BC), Zedekiah (597-586 BC). The good kings of Judah were Asa (11-870 BC), Jehoshaphat (870-848 BC), Jehoash (835-796 BC), Amaziah (796-781 BC), Jotham (740-736 BC), Hezekiah (716-687 BC) and Josiah (640-609 BC) (Collins, 75). Question 2: The history outlined in 1 and 2 Kings is a theological history rather than an accurate accounting of events because therein, the authors were interested in giving an explanation for the division of Israel into two; the reason for the captivity; and hope for the future, rather than an accurate blow-by-blow chronicles of events. The Deuteronomistic History clearly shows that both Judah and Israel succumbed to unfaithfulness to YHWH, and that total destruction of both empires was the appropriate punishment. Again, there are those who trace Deuteronomistic History back to the Babylonian Exile of 585 BC, as the place and time of authorship. The gravity behind this standpoint is that the authors of these books may have been written out of retrospection, and not at the time the actual events contained in Deuteronomistic History materialised. This is to the effect that writing from memory may not be as detailed as a writing which may have been composed at the actual time an incident happened. While this absence of much specific detail may accost the books in Deuteronomistic History, it is not to be misconstrued as to mean contradiction. Instead, details such as exact timeframes and more details concerning Judah are characteristically missing from Deuteronomistic History. Being in Babylon, the authorship behind the Deuteronomistic History may have written to explain the reason behind God’s people being in exile, in lieu of giving a blow-by-blow account on the details which built up, in the run-up to the Exile. In another wavelength, other theorists such as Thomas Romer, a French scholar, have come to see a distinct party of authors who may have had different views (Raymond, 130). 3: David and Solomon as Both Good and Evil Kings Both David and Solomon are remembered simultaneously as both good and evil kings because their regimes were marked with faithfulness and u nfaithfulness to God. The good exploits David and Solomon exacted emanated from faithfulness to God, while their negative acts were are a result of their unfaithfulness to God. David’s goodness is exemplified in the fact that he is the only king, who presided over a united Israel, transported the Ark of the Covenant from Shiloh to Jerusalem, established Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, drove away Israel’s enemies from Jerusalem and Israel, extended mercy to Mephibosheth (the house

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Effectiveness of Executive Compensation Scheme Assignment

Effectiveness of Executive Compensation Scheme - Assignment Example The Tournament theory suggested that a small and a minute difference in ability basically leads towards high compensation. In simple terms, this definition basically fails to consider the main and the important significance of the executive compensation scheme or ECS in the overall governance of the organizations, for instance how and why these kinds of different bonuses are basically awarded and what actual benchmark is used.   ECS have basically four main and important components which are:- The base fixed salary.- The stock options.- The long term incentive plans.- The annual bonuses which are usually being monetary or shares.All the stock options are normally based on the company's overall performance. Although the presentation and the features of the stock option are usually vivid and clear, the exact amount of the compensation can also be unclear as the amount could have been set many years ago and the share prices may also have changed. Furthermore, the executives may circum vent this in order to improve their performance with the help of accounting decisions in the earlier years before the turnover, which basically increases the reported results, or with the help of income-smoothing practice, which basically borrows the income from the future.   Bonuses are basically shown separately to the share options in the company proxy statements. Although the cash compensation and all the other types of the compensation are disclosed separately in different other places like footnotes it is therefore termed as the complexity of the separation that can usually cause the reports to be more unclear for all the shareholders long term interest.   This basically suggests that the executives wield at least some kind of pressure on both the level and also on the structure of their compensation.   For instance, most large US firms have a well-organized remuneration committee which basically consists of two or more two outside directors.   Although all the major d ecisions which are related to the top-level compensation are passed through this organized committee, the committee then rarely conducts the market studies of the competitive compensation levels or the initiates or they propose new ECS or the executive compensation schemes.

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BUS 187 Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

BUS 187 Project - Essay Example Hofstede also emphasized on the understanding of people’s behavior and thus their previous, present and future behavior can be predicted (Hofstede, 150). In this regard, five dimensions of culture have been identified: uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and masculinity versus femininity, individualism versus collectivism and long term versus short term orientation. France exhibit; 15-16 power distance, 10-11 individualism, 35-36 masculinity and 10-15 and uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede, 180). Individualism and collectivism have been cited as the most important aspects in which societies differ. According to Patwardhan (249), the understanding of the difference between individualistic and collectivist society is crucial in understanding consumer behavior (Patwardhan, 249). France with individualism versus collectivism index of 10th and 11th shows that it is highly individualistic. This shows that both countries are not compatible with direct selling as a strategy. Since France is highly individualistic, the ties between individuals are loose thus actions are rarely taken in a collective manner and everyone is expected to bother much about his or her immediate families (Patwardhan, 250). In this respect, the interest of French society does not prevail over the interest of individual members of the society. This is a very key factor L’OREA L Company in designing the brands and their respective marketing, promotional and advertisement campaigns. Unlike collectivism, the French think of themselves as â€Å"I† and do not act collectively or draw their identity from the society. This analysis therefore presents the consumer behavior of France which must be considered in marketing. France as an individualistic society does not promote direct selling as a mode of promotion of products. However, advertisement is likely to perform very well in

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Savil Building by Glen Howells Architects Essay

Savil Building by Glen Howells Architects - Essay Example In its design, its response to the site, the climate, the design requirement, it has surpassed the programme. That's what makes it unique, 'high architecture' or in plainer words an award winner! This essay investigates the architectural qualities of the Savill Building with specific reference to the following themes: Beauty or the aesthetic value of every building is an important feature of every structure established within certain locations. It is also closely related to the time and place of the architectural event. Thus, modernists like Philip Johnson see deconstructivism as 'warped' and the International Style as 'pure'. It is about the contrast between 'perfection and violated perfection'.1 The many trends in architecture after modernism suggest a pluralist society where too many issues are equally important. However, in the collective concern for the environment and attempts at conserving and reusing and generally trying to contain one's carbon footprint, we may have finally, the one world- religion that will generate an aesthetic that may be most persuasive of recent trends.2 And the Savill Building illustrates this beautifully both figuratively and literally. Through improving the landscape of the park, the building creates a profound experience for the visitors making them feel like they belong to the landscape itself. The dome shape of the roof creates an illusion that the entire building is one continuous structure that follows the dictates of the landforms so sensitively that it is difficult to perceive where building ends and landscape begins. It fits in with its surroundings hand-in-glove, not just in terms of building profile but also in terms of its material for construction that was judiciously selected and felled on site itself. Of all the other features of the complex, the structure of the building stands out as the chief characteristic of the complex. Being a part of the whole landscape works well for the Savill Building as it utilizes the natural beauty of the location where the structure is established. The complete building created not only for catering to its distinct functions it aims also to enhance the entire natural landscape of the site3. This capability of the structure to bring out the natural essence of the beauty that the location itself posses makes the complete conception a complimentary element to the landscape. 2. Nature Seen and Sensed The major features of the shapes and elements that make up the building actually create a more sophisticated presentation of nature. The carefully crafted design that mimics the entirety of scale and location highlights the abundance of nature creating an 'environment of seemingly untamed, ever-productive free growth'4. A curved glazed curtain wall allows the visitor to view the 'spectacular' landscape over the terrace.5 The glazing allows natural light to enter the building giving it better chances of being appropriately lit during the day right up to mid afternoon. The glazing 'frames' the scenic view of the natural landscape of the gardens for which the interiors of the building create a perfect foil. Hills and

The effects of tourism on culture and the environment in asia and the pacific Essay Example for Free

The effects of tourism on culture and the environment in asia and the pacific Essay INTRODUCTION AsiaPacific or AsiaPacific is the part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Ocean. The region varies in size depending on context, but it typically includes at least much of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The Asia-Pacific region covers a wide geographical area, with diverse landscapes, climates, societies, cultures, religions, and economies. More than half of the world’s population lives in this region, of which close to half live on less than a dollar per day. Hence, the region contains the worlds largest number of people living in poverty. Asia-Pacific region generally includes: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan Kiribati, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga Republic of China (Taiwan), Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam, United States Territories American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Sometimes included India (member of the East Asia Summit), Mongolia (landlocked country in East Asia), Myanmar (Burma) (member of the ASEAN), Russia (the Russian Far East borders the Pacific Ocean). With its diversity as an asset, the region has enjoyed remarkable economic growth  in the last four decades. Several countries are experiencing rapid changes in economic development, population growth and urbanization, social transformation, and technological development, and these countries share common economic drivers. The expanding economy in Asia and the Pacific has brought about increased interdependence among the countries in terms of natural resources, finance, and trade. The economic expansion and population growth in Asia-Pacific over the last 40 years was underpinned by the region’s rich natural environment. The tourism sector in Asia and the Pacific is thriving, with the region accounting for 22% of inbound tourism arrivals in 2010. Noticeably, in 2010, China placed third in inbound tourism arrivals and fourth in inbound tourism expenditure in the world. In 2010, international tourism recovered more strongly than expected from the shock it had suffered in 2009 from economic recession and the global financial crisis. The estimated worldwide number of inbound tourism arrivals in 2010 was 940 million, up 6.6% over 2009 and 2.5% more than the pre-crisis peak in 2008. While some destinations are still struggling to come out of the crisis, the tourism sector in Asia and the Pacific has been buoyant. The Asia-Pacific region had an increase in inbound tourism arrivals of 13% between 2009 and 2010, making the region a leader in the global recovery of tourism. In comparison with other regions across the globe, Asia and the Pacific had the second highest growth in inbound tourism arrivals in 2010 over 2009. The Middle East was the fastest growing region (up 14.1%) in 2010, following a significant drop (of 4.3%) in 2009; As ia and the Pacific posted only a modest drop of 1.7% in 2009. Inbound tourism arrivals were up 7.3% in Africa, followed by Americas (up 6.6%) and Europe (up 3.3%). In 2009, Africa was the only region where inbound tourism arrivals increased (by 4%). In Asia and the Pacific, for the first time ever, inbound tourism arrivals surpassed 200 million in 2010. Overall, the Asia-Pacific regional share of world arrivals rose by 1.2 percentage points in 2010, for a 22% share among the world’s regions. The successful marketing stories of India and Malaysia, the massive rail expansion in China, the new resort developments in Singapore and Macao, China and the revitalized policy of Japan towards tourism, as well as the â€Å"visit year† campaigns in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, have helped buoy Asia-Pacific tourism. ASEAN has also adopted a long-term tourism strategy to help the development of the tourism  sector in the sub region. Tourism plays a very important role on a society because it is an aid to gain more income and to place many job opportunities to jobless individuals. Tourism therefore became the major income generator on the regions of Asia and the Pacific. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The problems stated in this research paper are the following: 1. Why the tourism industry trends much on the Asia-Pacific region? 2. What is the role of tourism on the economy of the region? 3. What are the positive and negative effects of tourism on culture and environment? 4. How does tourism affect livelihood on the region? 5. What is the significance of tourism on a country? OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The main objective of the study is to gain an understanding of the nature of the effects of tourism on the local culture, environment and economy. The study purports: 1. To review the existing literature on tourism with an emphasis on the government policy and the present infrastructure of tourism; 2. To create a typology of tourism sites based on their similarities and difference; 3. To carry out in-depth case studies of two locations and to determine the impact of tourism on the people inhabiting those locations. 4. To come up with an answer and a solution regarding the problems that may arise in the particular event. 5. To increase the number of tourist arrivals. 6. To promote the environment, historical and cultural heritage and raise the quality of services and facilities related to tourism. 7. To develop the necessary infrastructure for the operation of efficient, safe, comfortable, and quality air services for the proper advancement of the tourism industry. 8. To gain more knowledge about the topic. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This research is conducted for the researchers to gain more knowledge and to share to others what the ideas that they have gathered. The importance of this study is that we could gain more knowledge and understanding about the said topic. As citizens, it is our right to deeper our understanding on what is the connections of those things regarding on our daily life and activities. This is also intended to make everyone aware of the events that might go to happen regarding the subject, so that they will find also an easy way to go through it and synchronize them for a better environment adaptation. SCOPE AND DELIMITATIONS The Effects of Tourism on the Culture and Environment in Asia and the Pacific is a research paper project which deals about the major issues regarding how tourism will affect the culture and environment of a specific region which includes its significance and the solutions regarding the problem. This study only covers on how tourism affects the regions of Asia and the Pacific regarding in the means of culture, tradition and environment. The study is largely based on secondary information. Therefore it is difficult to quantify the impact of tourism on the culture and environment. Though there have been numerous studies related to tourism, these studies pertain to specific locations, which are not representative of the region as a whole. Since interviewing the respondents was not based on any scientific sample surveys, the results do not correlate directly to the inferences which are drawn from the sample surveys. The study is conducted by the research team at the College of Communication, Information Technology, Calamba, Misamis Occidental.

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Impact of the Third Way Police on the UK Economy

Impact of the Third Way Police on the UK Economy What Tony Blair left behind, after ten years in Downing Street Nr.10 When Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister, after ten years in government, the term of his so called †Third Way Policy† was already out of common mind. But his successor, the former Chancellor of Exchequer Gordon Brown still has to deal with its consequences, which became obvious during the current financial crisis. In my essay I want to refer to the question; how Tony Blairs Third Way Policy has had an impact on Britains economy and why it can be seen as one of the major causes for the credit crunch in Great Britain. First, the modernization of the Labour Party to New Labour brought some advantages. Tony Blair distanced the Party from its traditional socialist ideas to a more liberal, economical orientated policy. Achievements of Blairs government were for instance the social charter of the European Union or the introduction of a minimum-wage law. Secondly, London became the world financial centre during Blairs time at Downing Street Nr. 10. This can be seen as one success, since he supported the idea of globalization and liberalized the economy and the constitutional reforms led to self-government for London. At this point one should also mention, the Bank of England got total independency from the government in 1997, which made London to one of the most attractive market places in the world. Offering good conditions to third sector businesses, the City of London brought Britain impressive years of an economic boom. Actually, London became more attractive for investors as New York, since the New Labour government removed all state regulations from the financial sector. In contrast, Britains Third Way Policy in the mid 1990s led to some major fails. To gain peoples trust Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Chancellor Gordon Brown promised to save money even stricter than the Conservative Party did before, but finally the New Labour government dropped Britain in incredibly high debts. The Third Way Policy was mainly about welfare reforms, like introducing a basic pension or child benefit. This seems to be rather good at the first view, but the welfare spending increased highly and the Blair administration had not real concept of how to finance it. For instance the reform for the National Health Service cost Britain a lot, but did not improve the NHS. Peter Carter, the general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing said: â€Å"I have never seen so much money come into the NHS. But in many areas I have never seen so much money wasted. It is a tragedy for the public, for the NHS, and for this government.†(â€Å"Blair: the NHS ‘is much better now (2007, 1 May), London Evening Standard. Retrieved November 19, 2009 from So, obviously concentrated the government too much on the wealth of the public sector during the economic boom years and forgot to improve the economys efficiency, to gain a higher state income. The probably biggest mistake of the Third Way Policy was the liberalization of the financial market. The independency of the Bank of England was on one hand an important step to join the Euro, but the referendum for the Euro took never place, because Tony Blair feared to lose it. So one could say the independency of the Bank was part of an unfinished reform. The liberalization of the financial market is also one reason for Britains current trouble in the financial crisis, since in the last ten years the financial market got so confused for both, the banks and the government. This means, with removing the state regulations from the Bank of England the government was not able to step in the banks business anymore. Britains current high debts are a result of New Labours policy in the first decade of twenty first century, because Banks were able to give loans to almost everyone. The government had no attitude to private borrowings, quite the contrary the government allowed Banks to borrow money even to people with low income, since borrowers spent their money, which brought a well running economy. This policy caused a raise in private mortgages debts by almost 100 per cent in a rather short period of just six years, from 2000 to the end of 2005. But when house prices increased to unrealistic high prices, people stopped spending money on products and the economic growth stagnated, further the unemployment rate increased and credit users could not pay back their credits. However, the Blair government self did not act better, because the whole Third Way Policy was based on debts, as the state could not finance its reforms through tax incomes. Moreover, the finance policy of Chancellor Brown became hardly comprehensible and understandable, because he changed the economic cycle several times. To borrow more money he enlarged the economic cycle, so it was not obvious how huge the amount of Britains debts actually were. In 2008 the foreign debts of Great Britain reached 400 per cent of Britains GDP. Finally, Great Britain came into the financial crisis, shortly after Tony Blair resigned in 2007. Now the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown has to deal with the consequences of New Labours Third Way Policy, but as he was the Chancellor before, he is one of the main responsible for the British financial market policy, which led to the credit crunch. Currently, New Labours actions to come out of the crisis seem to be doubtful, in particular the bailout package, which was financed by new printed money. But, the government is also planning to put new regulations on the sub-prime sector to protect families in trouble from unfair charges and repossessions. Whether this regulation will be realised and by whom it will be realised is yet an open question. Fact is; to come out of the crisis and to avoid another one it is necessary to introduce new regulations in the financial market through the government. But in spite of it all, Britain will need many years to come out of its debts and the process wont be easy, because if the government increases taxes businesses will probably drive out of the country and economic growth decreases. As other European countries, lately, announced already an economic growth for the next year, it seems as if Britain is going to be â€Å"Europes sick man† for the next years. Sources: BLC-Y1- British American Studies Compendium Contemporary Britain 2nd Edition. John McCormick; Palgrave, 2007 OSullivan, John. Blairs Way. National Review 50, no. 13 (July 20, 1998): p.25-27. Academic Search Elite, EBSCOhost (accessed November 12, 2009). The true extent of Britains debt (2008, 10 December); The Spectator. Retrieved November 12, 2009, from Bid to stop home loan sharks, by Kirsty Buchanan; Daily Express Weekend, November 15, 2009, p. 4 Labours  £115m boost for hard-up homebuyers ends up helping precisely no one; by Becky Barrow Business Correspondent; Daily Mail, November 17, 2009, p.12 Darling criticizes bank owners; Wall Street Journal Europe, November 13, 2009, p.1 Blair: the NHS ‘is much better now (2007, 1 May), London Evening Standard. Retrieved November 19, 2009 from

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Japanese Food and Celebrations Essay -- Sociology, Culture, Golden Wee

What comes to mind when thinking of traditions? Well, tradition is a repeated action in a community or group of people which had been passed down from generations. Even in a modern country like Japan, tradition is part of their life just like in every country. Whether it’s celebrating or eating food, there’s always something people do as a tradition. The foods and celebrations in Japan are important because they are part of their tradition, which is essential to Japanese everywhere. The best example of a Japanese celebration is Golden Week. Firstly, it is a cluster of national holidays between April 29 and May 5 (Kids Web Japan). There are many celebrated things on this day. Furthermore, most big companies close down for a week or even ten days in these holidays. It is just like a spring break. Most importantly, April 29 is Greenery Day, which is to celebrate nature. May 3 is Constitution Day; it is the day when the present constitution was made. Finally it’s May 5, which is Children’s Day (Kids Web Japan). These holidays show that celebrations are highly regarded in Japan. Of course, Children’s day isn’t the only day to celebrate kids. There are also Hina Matsuri, Doll’s Festival or Girls’ Day, in March 3 and Shichi-Go-San, Seven-Five-Three, on November 15. First of all, Seven-five-three is a celebration for three-year old boys and girls, five-year old boys and seven-year old girls (Asij Elementary School Japanese Department). They visit a Shinto shrine with their parents and pay for chitose-ame, longevity candy (Kids Web Japan). Children are introduced to Japanese tradition at an early age. Then on Girls’ Day, parents with a daughter display dolls in their homes and wish for their daughter’s health and happiness (Broderick... .... It means one soup and three sides (Japanese Food and Culture Association). A meal could illustrate one’s culture and tradition. Secondly, it consists of a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup, pickled vegetables and fish or meat (Japanese Food and Culture Association). This shows that Japan can eat healthy because of the diversity of the food. Lastly, â€Å"Japan is a country of islands, so much of its food comes from the sea† (Ridgewell 8). Everyone knows that Japan is big on seafood. Fish is usually one of their sides. Truly, Japan has several different and exotic foods. In conclusion, there are many significant foods and celebrations in Japan. Big parts of Japanese customs are because of things like festivals and foods. Traditions are important in life because many people takes part in it and it will still be there in the future, just like it was there in the past.

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Essay --

There are many ways that TV commercial’s use to sell an item to a certain age group. This essay will focus on the main techniques that TV commercial’s use, even though they are main used but there are few that really focus on the foundation of the ad, these make the ad key and specific to a certain targeted audience. The three main supporting arguments are specific colors are used to make a certain toy or product so say if the product is headphones and they are black they will use a white background so the headphones stand out they make it look like no headphones ever made this pretty, and the angle’s they use say if the camera angle was only straight it wont look as exciting, and say if the angle was going across the screen and up and down it makes the product look better and second point with number one who using it makes a huge changes in product and the sale, say if Wayne Gretzky(Hockey player) was in commercial for a basket ball it would look as good if Michael Jordan was in that commercial because we all know who Wayne Gretzky and what he does so it makes difference. The last point is compare and contrast things wlike weight loss products they compare or a car like â€Å"you don’t want to be like this† or â€Å"you don’t want to drive in a car like thi s† they make you fee low and the other product they use like most car that people have like a Honda civic. There are a lot of factors that make an ad good and attractive one of the main factors is the back round colors, and the camera angle. Color is a big factor due to the fact that it brings out the attractiveness of a product; say if the product is blue (IPOD) and the back round is red it will show the true beauty that TV ads want you to see the iPod love. Say if 2 kids w... what and that’s what they want from us. They keep on releasing the new iPhone even thought most people have the 5, Apple still get sold out of the new iPhone, they don’t care who buy it or what your going to use it for they just want your money. Things like iPhone, iPad, ipod or the new Samsung phone what they like is it’s not a targeted audience. Anyone can buy the iPhone a ten year old all the way up to a 65 year old, so literally any one can buy it so if you look at the ads they us it’s not as detailed or work put in to it say something like Soccer ball commercial, because in the Soccer ball commercial they have to show a famous person using the ball and playing with it. In the iPhone Commercial they just have to show it and people will go crazy, and it wont cost nearly as much as the Soccer ball commercial that’s why new tech products ads are always on TV.

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Do Humans Use 100% of Their Brains? :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Do Humans Use 100% of Their Brains? Where did the persistent statement that humans use 10% of their brains originate and is it valid? It was first coined by William James, a philosopher and psychologist. Some professionals have even stated even lower percentages, like Margaret Mead saying that we use 6% of our brains (3). If this statement is true, it implies that humans could behave very differently and perhaps with greater thought and purpose. If the statement is a fallacy, it supports the brain equals behavior theory, such that the brain is not harboring unused capacities and behaviors. The 1012 neurons in the brain have not all been researched for activity or not, but researchers have found no evidence for unused abilities or large, unused regions of the brain. Researchers know that humans do not use every region of their brain for every behavior, unless we are doing something so complex that it requires all of the brains capacities. At any given point in time, about 5% of the neurons are active, but over time and change of ones behavior, PET scans and fRMIs show that the vast majority of the brain is active (2). Perhaps this is an evolutionary adaptation: to conserve energy and prevent an electrical and chemical overload from all the neurons firing and inhibiting. The brain is about 3 pounds, using an inproportionate 20% of the bodys oxygen- rich blood, but is only 2% of the bodys total weight (3). The significance of the brain receiving so much of the bodys energy supply, reveals its ability to perform important functions. The heart and the lungs main function is to provide the brain with oxygenated blood, presumably because the brains will be performing essential neuronal activity relevant to the days behavior. The highly specialized regions of the brain give some insight into the many functions that the brain is capable of doing. So the development of the brain into specific sections that have been researched to facilitate specific functions, provides evidence that these regions are active in a normal humans lifetime. The fact that the brain has a highly ordered procedure for developing, leads researchers to believe that each region of the brain is essential. In fact, researchers have found several regions to account for one function, to imply that the collaboration of several brain regions is sometimes necessary for normal functioning. Other evidence against the statement that humans only use 10% of their brains. Do Humans Use 100% of Their Brains? :: Biology Essays Research Papers Do Humans Use 100% of Their Brains? Where did the persistent statement that humans use 10% of their brains originate and is it valid? It was first coined by William James, a philosopher and psychologist. Some professionals have even stated even lower percentages, like Margaret Mead saying that we use 6% of our brains (3). If this statement is true, it implies that humans could behave very differently and perhaps with greater thought and purpose. If the statement is a fallacy, it supports the brain equals behavior theory, such that the brain is not harboring unused capacities and behaviors. The 1012 neurons in the brain have not all been researched for activity or not, but researchers have found no evidence for unused abilities or large, unused regions of the brain. Researchers know that humans do not use every region of their brain for every behavior, unless we are doing something so complex that it requires all of the brains capacities. At any given point in time, about 5% of the neurons are active, but over time and change of ones behavior, PET scans and fRMIs show that the vast majority of the brain is active (2). Perhaps this is an evolutionary adaptation: to conserve energy and prevent an electrical and chemical overload from all the neurons firing and inhibiting. The brain is about 3 pounds, using an inproportionate 20% of the bodys oxygen- rich blood, but is only 2% of the bodys total weight (3). The significance of the brain receiving so much of the bodys energy supply, reveals its ability to perform important functions. The heart and the lungs main function is to provide the brain with oxygenated blood, presumably because the brains will be performing essential neuronal activity relevant to the days behavior. The highly specialized regions of the brain give some insight into the many functions that the brain is capable of doing. So the development of the brain into specific sections that have been researched to facilitate specific functions, provides evidence that these regions are active in a normal humans lifetime. The fact that the brain has a highly ordered procedure for developing, leads researchers to believe that each region of the brain is essential. In fact, researchers have found several regions to account for one function, to imply that the collaboration of several brain regions is sometimes necessary for normal functioning. Other evidence against the statement that humans only use 10% of their brains.

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Biographical Sketch Of August Aichorn

Born in Vienna about 129 years ago on the 27th of July August Aichhorn was to change the face of Special Education forever in the years to come. Of course, no one in his family or amongst his friends or neighbors could have predicted his illustrious future since he was, like most kids, little more than a gawky bespectacled studious little thing while in school.There was little to be noticed about him except that he had a twin brother. This twin brother he lost at the age of 20. Heartbroken and a little frazzled (since he had after all been close to his sibling) he began teaching at a school in Vienna. He seemed to have had his career pretty clearly etched out in his mind.And a pretty predictable path it followed too. Teaching was a respectable profession those days and young respectable young men from well-established families (like him) jumped at the chance to pursue it. Only problem was that in those days once you chose a career for yourself you were expected to stick to it until y ou were too old to continue with it and had to retire with a pension.The hop-skip and jump routine we are so used to performing in the job market today was an absolute no-no then. Unfortunately Aichhorn soon discovered that conventional rules such as these did not matter much to him.In 1907 when the Boy’s military settlement was introduced in Vienna Aichhorn, then an enthusiastic 27 year old, opposed it vehemently and finally managed to outdo the system with his exuberance. Soon after, in 1908 he assumed the role of the chairman of a brand new board designed only to organize boys’ settlements.By means of his rather effective and well-directed activism he therefore managed to keep he education system, a system he had now grown to love and honor, from being maligned by the now growing ‘military spirit’.With great determination he now endeavored to take his devotion to the system to the next logical level, the institution he organized in Oberhollabrunn for de linquent boys was an outcome of this very attempt. (Dollard, 2006)In Oberhollabrunn Aichhorn managed the unthinkable by creating out of the dilapidated remains of a refugee camp what was later considered to be one the most sensitive, touching and humanitarian studies of human behavior. This was a period of flux for what had once been a great and much respected monarchy in Austria.Old Austrian traditions were now being dragged into the street and left ankle deep in poverty and shame. Austrians were striving to keep themselves afloat despite the tremendous inflation and revolution brewed. Amongst it all Aichhorn chose to, characteristically, stay away from all the humdrum and surrender himself completely to work.As in every other state of chaos Austria was now becoming a cauldron for trouble, crime and delinquency was frothing up and societal pressures were getting harder to bear than ever before. Amidst it all Aichhorn dreamed of a way to bring back hope to crime doers. Of course he was not original in his subject choice.Dozens before him had meddled with the same topic rather unsuccessfully. Many of Aichhorn predecessors had advocated some old school mercy and ‘understanding, while others had strongly recommended a good dose of thrashing all in order to bring wrongdoers to their senses and recuperate them.Aichhorn however was not a big fan of either approach. In Oberhollabrunn he had the opportunity to put into practical use the sort of methods he considered truly effective to deal with crime and delinquency. What he saw and understood he finally put down in the form of a book, now the ‘Bible’ in the field – Wayward Youth. (Lamb, 2004)It is perhaps a little difficult to really grasp the importance of the door Aichhorn managed to open up to the public and academicians by suggesting that psychoanalytic principles be applied to the study of delinquent behavior today in 2007, when much has been said and done in this direction.Despite the progress we have made in the field however Aichhorn’s work, the Wayward Youth still continues to be a supremely important resource book simply because of its pioneering nature. In the field of crime and delinquent psychology Aichhorn’s work still continue to provide the basic fundamentals even when we have walked far enough to form complex sentences with these letters we will still have to turn to Aichhorn for support.What makes Wayward Youth such a complete pioneer is the fact that it distinguishes between what it terms the ‘latent’ and the ‘manifest’ delinquents. Further, it suggests that an arrested development inclines a person towards ‘antisocial’ behavior.Hence, a troubled child-parent relationship in the early years of the infant might be the primary reason behind his/her delinquent actions in later life.Aichhorn’s capacity to deal with delinquents is often been described as ‘instinctive’ or ‘intui tive’. After having discovered his talent in dealing with antisocial behavior Aichhron was further influenced and encouraged to train himself in the field of psychoanalysis by none other than Anna Freud, daughter of the man who began it all Sigmund Freud, who was herself engaged in some remarkable studies of the human mind.Aichhorn joined the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute at the ripe age or 44, in 1922. He would later organize a special service for child guidance in the same institution.Aichhorn remained in Austria even during the tumultuous 1930’s, thanks to his non-Jew background and the utter ease with which he handled the Nazis.He worked quietly during the war years and waited patiently for the storm to pass and a new day for psychoanalysis to begin in the post-war era once the war ended Aichhorn enthusiastically reopened the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, only now it was to be called August Aichhorn Gesellschaft. (King, 2000)It was also a regeneration time. Ideo logical conflicts and military interests were shaking civilization right up to its foundations. The doubts, dilemmas and confusions were gradually, quite slowly indeed, giving way to a new and unique cultural revolution. It was happening all across the Western world.People suddenly seemed to realize that there was enough of political warfare to disgrace humanity. (Fletcher, 2005)The prevailing standards suddenly seemed to be meaningless, and the insurgent youths wanted something different to happen and Aichhorn was one of the characters of the era that found himself into his own elements in such a situation.He never lost hope and continued to proceed in the direction he was meant to be. It is certain he never became frustrated like many of the individuals of the post war period and stood firm on his ground rather that drift away. (Kar, 2006)Many think Aichhorn’s tryst with delinquents began early even while he struggled as a grade school teacher in the city of Vienna. He hank ered for a theoretical base which would be able to support and expand his understanding of the world of these crime doers and help him set them right again.Hungry to fulfill this desire he studied neuropathology, like many his age during that period unfortunately neuropathology did little to quench his question, instead it only made him wonder further.Desperate he now tried his hands at experimental psychology, which too failed to satisfy him. It was only when he would finally discover psycho-analysis that he would finally find all the missing pieces to his puzzle. (Edelman, 2001)

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Great Gatsby Essay Essay

This quarter I read The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is a fiction novel published in 1925. It takes place in New York, 1922 and follows the story of a great man named Gatsby. Although Gatsby is the main character, the book is in perspective and supposedly written by Nick Carraway, a friend of Gatsby. This novel has a very developing story line that hits all kinds of moods, happy, sad, and mysterious. The main character of this story is Jay Gatsby, whose real name is actually James Gatz. Gatsby is a very wealthy man, he has a huge mansion and hosts great parties that attract very famous and respected individuals. Gatsby’s fortune is a mystery to everyone; he tells different people different stories. Gatsby starts the story as a very smooth and intelligent man, who has seemed to have done great things in life. As the story ends, Gatsby starts to lose his suave behavior because he has lost the one he loves. Gatsby does the right thing towards the end of the story when he realizes that Daisy will not be in his life. Gatsby decides to take a swim in his pool, which he has never done before. I think this symbolizes him letting go of his dream to be with Daisy, which makes it okay for him to die. I can relate to Gatsby in the sense that he does everything he possibly can to win over one girl. I think that that shows true ambition, which I see a lot of in myself. Other characters in this novel include; Nick Carraway, Tom & Daisy Buchannan, Jordan Baker, and George & Myrtle Wilson. Nick Carraway is the narrator of the story, he is a wholesome young man who is fascinated by Gatsby, and becomes one of his greatest friends. Nick meets Jordan Baker, a famous golfer, and dates her for some time. Daisy Buchannan is the woman that Gatsby is in love with, but she is married to Tom Buchannan. Tom Buchannan is a successful man who is determined to not let Gatsby get in the way of his marriage, although Tom is seeing someone else: Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is married to George; they own a car maintenance shop. Myrtle ends up dying at the hands of Daisy, but Gatsby takes the blame and is later killed by George Wilson. The setting of this story is in the heart of the roaring twenties. It takes place in New York City and Long Island, in the summer of 1922. The author really produces a visual scene when describing Gatsby’s parties, and his mansion. It has helped me to understand the glamour of this time period. On one particular day in the story, it is the hottest day of the summer; this is also the day that the climax of the story takes placing. I think that the author’s description of the heat added a very dramatic and relatable affect to the story and scene. It was very exciting to picture New York City and some of its residents in the time period. I think the author shows the reader a few different themes and meanings in his story. One of these themes is the spirit of the twenties. I think the author really wanted to show the reader the true glamour and style of the twenties. During this time period, everyone’s goal was to fulfill the â€Å"American Dream. † In this story, Gatsby both fulfills and doesn’t fulfill the American dream. Yes, Gatsby is popular and wealthy, and the talk of the town, but he doesn’t have the love of his life, and his fortune was created through scam and illegal distribution of alcohol, which doesn’t show to be impressive. I think that the main theme of this story is about the consequences of your past while aspiring for the future. Daisy is in love with Gatsby and his fortune but the fact that he is a bootlegger does not impress her enough to be with him. This story has encouraged me to strive towards a life with meaning, and happiness within myself. The Great Gatsby starts with Nick Carraway, who has recently moved to New York and is neighbors with Gatsby. One night, Nick visits with his cousin Daisy, and her husband Tom Buchannan. There he meets Jordan Baker, whom which he later has a romance with. During his time spent with the three of them, Nick learns that Daisy is unhappy in her marriage and that Tom is seeing another woman. When Nick gets home that night, he sees Gatsby standing in his (Gatsby’s) yard, staring off a green light, which is the Buchannan home. This moment in the story is an example of symbolism, since Gatsby is not aware yet that that is where Daisy lives. Nick becomes good friends with Tom and later meets his girlfriend, Myrtle Wilson, and stays for a party at their apartment on night in New York City. Eventually, Nick gets invited for the first time to one of Gatsby’s parties. There he sees Jordan Baker and spends most of his night with her. He is later introduced to Gatsby who shows courtesy and charm to Nick, they become friends. One day when Nick meets with Jordan and Gatsby, he becomes aware of Gatsby’s love for Daisy. Nick agrees to have Daisy over for tea with Gatsby. When that day comes, it is clear that Gatsby and Daisy are still in love and they begin their affair. Gatsby gives up his parties and house servants because Daisy does not approve. I believe the climax of the story to be the very hot summer day where Gatsby makes his confrontation to Tom Buchannan. Nick, Jordan, Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby all rent a suite in a hotel in New York City, this is where Gatsby proclaims his love for Daisy and Daisy tells Tom she never loved him. Tom tries to sell Gatsby out by revealing his ways of obtaining his fortune. Daisy gets upset and admits to the lie she told Tom. Daisy and Gatsby drive home together and on their way, Daisy hits and kills Myrtle with Gatsby’s car. Tom and the others see the accident on their drive home but they are not aware that it was Daisy who killed Myrtle, because Gatsby takes the blame. Daisy decides to stay with Tom, and leave Gatsby be. Meanwhile, Tom tells Myrtle’s husband, George, that it was Gatsby who killed his wife. George finds Gatsby and shoots him while Gatsby is enjoying himself in his swimming pool. Nick, being Gatsby’s best friend, is left to deal with the funeral. He tries desperately to get people to come to Gatsby’s funeral, but no one will. Gatsby’s dad is the only one who shows and he shares memories of Gatsby with Nick. At the beginning of the story, Nick Carraway did not approve of Gatsby’s doings but as the ending resolves, Nick greatly admires Gatsby and the man he was. I enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby. The first time reading this book from cover to cover, it was just a story, but as I wrote this essay and evaluated the characters, I saw so much more meaning behind it. I liked that this book was not cheesy in any sense, and that it takes a talented reader to fully understand its concept. It was challenging at times, and I had to read it slowly, but it paid off. The story’s ending was great. It was sad that Gatsby died, but it was an inevitable event, considering the fact that Gatsby spent his life trying to impress the one girl he loved, who in turn, turned him down.

Redbus Expansion Strategy

1. ) Assume that you have a online movie ticketing business in India wherein you enable your customer to buy movie tickets online. It is a thriving business and in Metros and A-cities your company contributes to 60-70% of all ticket sales for the cinema. You are now looking at expanding your markets to other countries. How would you go about 1. a) Sizing the market? Ans: a) Identify the major multiplex and theatre players in the targeted countries. b) Get the data from them about how their tickets are booked. This can help us to identify what percentages of people book their tickets online.Another way would be to make people fill survey forms and these forms could be distributed outside the multiplexes or it could be distributed online. This would help us to identify the people who book tickets online. 1. b) Understanding the current behavior of movie ticket buying customers in that country Ans: a) Once we have identified the percentage of people who have book their tickets online we can segment them on the basis of following to study their behavior: 1) Demographics: age, region and income 2) Medium: Smartphone or computer ) Directly from the multiplex site(like PVR) or through some other site( like book my show) 1. c) Identify the segment that you would want to work in. Ans: I would like to work in online marketing. If I had to expand the movie ticket business in other countries after sizing the market and studying the behavior the next step would be to tap the market. In order to do that we will need to create a name for ourselves in that market. I would like to work on establishing ourselves in the online movie ticketing in new countries.Some ideas as of now I have is: 1) Give the consumers attractive offers along with the tickets. For ex: On buying more than 3 tickets together giving a complementary large tub of popcorn. 2) Make the site interactive and attractive. 3) Provide consumers something, which other players don’t. for ex: consumers will have the option of paying later which is not there in most of the sites as of now in India. 2. ) What are your thoughts on the E-commerce market in India and the impact of mobile for the same?Ans: The E-commerce market is in its budding phase in India as of now. It is growing at a fast pace and it’s going to grow at even bigger pace. Mobile has to play a big role in Indian E-commerce market. The Internet connectivity has increased manifold because of prevalence of smartphones. This can be utilized in numerous ways to benefit the business. It can help in targeted marketing. Secondly, people are going to do more and more of buying through Internet because it will be on their fingertips, they can use it anywhere anytime.As of now the internet on smartphones has not realized its full potential because of low speed but as 3G gets more popular and 4G makes its way into India speed won’t be a problem and people will start doing more and more of their transactions through mobile. Also this new concept of mobile money introduced by airtel in India is going to get more popular and the day is not far when people would be paying most of their bills through mobile money. So, I see a great future for E-commerce in a vast market like India and mobile certainly has a great role to play in it.

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Eco Engines Essay

â€Å"Eco Engines†, an article by Steve Miller provides excellent information about the correlation between automobile industry and ecosystem. The article is both an opinion and informative. His primary audience is general public. This article summarizes the paradoxical nature of automobiles industry involved in producing eco-friendly vehicles. He says that â€Å"going green† is slogan that is easy to propagate but difficult to follow. Automobile industry is an adherent f this idealism of â€Å"going green â€Å"but in reality their sales are affected by this idealism. So there is paradox in what they say and what they do. He further highlights that consumers’ attitude too is paradoxical as they pay lip service to eco-friendly notions but by gasoline cars instead of hybrid one. 2 B: Response In the present age consciousness about the protection of environment is rising among masses. It is becoming a fashion in the modern world to be seen as eco-friendly. Media agencies are playing supreme role in this game. This drive of eco-friendliness has made the oil and auto industries face many problems. In reality a race has started among the players in these fields of industry to allure the buyers by making them convince that they are more eco-friendly than the others. However, the new arrivals in these two fields of industry find it a little bit less difficult to the changing situation as compared to the old players of the game. The established and old auto industries like Toyota and Prius are trying to answer the question by giving a kind of ‘hybrid vehicles’ to the world but they are finding it somewhat difficult to sell the new machine in large numbers for including the other reasons they are comparatively costly. Their sale brings low profit margins. It is, however, apparent that in spite of the idealism about eco-friendliness the big chunk of consumers is asking for gasoline-driven vehicles and to maximize their profit the producers like Accord and Ford and others are spending more on producing these vehicles than the ‘hybrid’ ones. Reality reigns supreme in this world and not the idealism. 3: APA Citation: Quotation: Miller (2003) states; â€Å"And yet hybrids, with their golf cart hum and often-jerky acceleration, have become a focus of nearly every automaker, a dramatic change from just five years ago. The unpleasant (perhaps â€Å"inconvenient†? ) truth that lurks behind all the feel-good green talk is that the models sell poorly and, when they do sell, profits for the makers are minimal. In fact, hybrids currently make up only 1. 5% of total auto sales, per Boston-based consultancy Global Insight. † Paraphrase: Hybrid automobiles have captivated the attention of every auto production company for the last five years despite its various drawbacks. But reality is that despite the notions of greener world, these hybrid automobiles do not sell well and thus deceases the profit margin for the companies. According to a Boston-based consultancy Global Insight Presently, hybrids only constitute a small percentage (1. 5%) of the entire auto trade. (Miller, 2003) Work Cited Miller, S. (2003, April 23). Eco Engines. Brandweek

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1. TASK 011.1. Introduction TO LVMHFor this assignment, I ideally considered an organisation named LVMH.LVMHLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A. ( Euronext: MC ) , normally shortened to LVMH, is a Gallic keeping company and the universe ‘s largest luxury goods pudding stone. It is the parent of around 60 sub-companies that each manage a little figure of esteemed trade names These girl companies are, to a big extent, run autonomously. The group was formed after amalgamations brought together champagne manufacturer Moet et Chandon and Hennessy, a taking maker of Cognac. In 1987, they merged with manner house Louis Vuitton to organize the current group The group is controlled by the Christian Dior group, which owns 42.4 % of portions and has over 58 % of vote rights. Bernard Arnault, bulk stockholder of Dior, is Chairman of both companies and CEO of LVMH. His successful integrating of assorted celebrated aspiration trade names into the group has inspired other luxury companies into making the same. Therefore Gucci ( now portion of the Gallic pudding stone PPR ) and Richemont have besides created drawn-out portfolios of luxury trade names. The oldest of the LVMH trade names is wine manufacturer Chatea d'Yquem, which dates its beginnings back to 1593 . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Corporate constructionLVMH is based in Paris, France. The company is listed on the Euronext Paris exchange and isa component of the CAC 40 index. As of 2008, the group grosss of ˆ17.2 billion with a net income of ˆ2.318 billion. The group presently employs 77,000 people. 30 % of LVMH ‘s staff work in France. LVMH operates over 2,300 shops worldwide. Its current concern program aims to tightly command the trade names it manages in order to keep and rise the perceptual experience of luxury associating to their merchandises. For illustration, Louis Vuitton merchandises are sold merely through Louis Vuitton boutiques found in upmarket locations in affluent metropoliss or in grants in other luxury goods stores ( such as Charles digby harrods in London ) . This pattern contrasts greatly with less sole trade names which can be bought in shopping promenades around the universe ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )StockholdersAt the terminal of 2008, the merely declared major stockholder in LVMH was Groupe Arnault, the household keeping company of BernardArnault. The group ‘s control amounted to 47.42 % of LVMH ‘s stock ( with 42.42 % held through Christian Dior S.A. and 5.00 % held straight ) and 63.40 % of its vote rights ( 58.02 % by Dior and 5.38 % straight ) . A farther 3.4 % of portions were declared as exchequer stock, with the balance being free float . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Departments OF LVMH* Wines & A ; Liquors * Fashion & A ; Leather Goods * Perfumes & A ; Cosmetics * Watches & A ; Jewelry * Selective retailing ( Annual study LVMH-2008 )MISION AND VALUES OF LVMH* Be originative and innovate * Aim for merchandise excellence * Bolstertheimageofourbrandswithpassionatedetermination * Act as enterprisers  · Strive to be the best in all we do ( Annual Report LVMH-2008 )Definitions of Human Resource ManagementHuman resort direction is a strategic and consistent attack to the direction of organisation ‘s most valued assets: the people working there who separately and jointly lend to the accomplishment of its aims. ( Michael Armstrong, a Hand book of Human Resource Management 2003 )The HRM theoretical accounts are1. The Matching theoretical account of HRM 2. Harvard theoretical account of HRM 3. Best pattern theoretical account 4. The eventuality theoretical account 5. Guest theoretical account of HRM 6. Warwick theoretical account of HRM 7. Storey theoretical account of HRM We can utilize Matching Model for LVMHModels of HRM1. The duplicate theoretical accountThe Michigan theoretical account is besides known as the ‘matching theoretical account ‘ or ‘best-fit ‘ attack to human resource direction. In kernel, it requires that human resource schemes have a tight tantrum to the overall schemes of the concern. As such, it limits the function of HR to a reactive, organisational map and under-emphasizes the importance of societal and other external factors. For illustration, it is hard to see how the current concern for work life balance could be integrated into this theoretical account. Fombrun et al identified four common HR procedures performed in every organisation: * Choice: duplicate people to occupations * Appraisal of public presentation * Wagess: stressing the existent importance of wage and other signifiers of compensation in accomplishing consequences * Development of skilled persons These procedures are linked in a human resource rhythm. The matching theoretical account has attracted unfavorable judgment. At a conceptual degree, it is seen to depend on a rational, mechanical signifier of organisational decision-making. In world, schemes are frequently determined and operational zed on a more intuitive, political and subjective degree. Surely, the decision-making is more complex than the theoretical account allows. It is besides both normative and normative, connoting that the tantrum to concern scheme should find HR scheme ( Bratton, J. , Gold, J. , Human Resource Management p-18 ) )Resource based StrategyThe resource-based position of scheme is that the strategic capableness of a steadfast depends on its resource based capableness. Resource-based scheme theoreticians such as Barney ( 1991 ) argue that stained competitory advantage stems from the acquisitions and effectual usage of packages of typical resources that rivals can non copy. As Boxall ( 1996 ) remarks ; ‘competitive success does non come merely from doing picks in the present ; it stems from constructing up typical capablenesss over important periods of clip ‘ . Teece et Al ( 1997 ) specify ‘dynamic capablenesss ‘ as ‘the capacity of a house to regenerate, augment and accommodate its nucleus competences over clip ‘ . ( Michael Armstrong,2000, Strategic Human Resource Management, p-33 )Best PracticeThe ‘best pattern ‘ rubric has been attacked by a figure of observers. Cappeelli and Crocker-Hefter ( 1996 ) remark that the impression of individual set of best patterns has been over stated: There are illustrations in virtually every industry of houses that have really typical direction patterns. We argue hat these typical homo resource patterns hlp to make alone competences that differentiate merchandises and services and, in bend, drive competences that determine how houses complete. Purcell ( 1999 ) has besides criticized the best pattern or universalist position by indicating out the incompatibility between a belief in best pattern and the resource based position, which focuses on the intangible assets including HR, that allow the house to make better than its rivals. He asks how can ‘the universalism of best pattern be squared with the position that merely some resources and modus operandis are of import and valuable by being rare and amiss imitable? ‘ . The danger, as Legge ( 1995 ) points out, is that of ‘mchanistically fiting scheme with HRM policies and patterns ‘ . Accord with eventuality theory, it is hard to accept that there is any such thing as cosmopolitan best pattern. What works good in one organisation will non necessary work good in another because it may non suit its scheme, civilization, direction manner, engineering or working patterns. As Becker et Al ( 1997 ) comment: ‘organizational high-performance work systems are extremely idiosyncratic and must be tailored carefully to each house ‘s single state of affairs to accomplish optimal consequences ‘ . ( Michael Armstrong, 2000, Strategic Human Resource Management, p-65 )Best FitFor the ground given above, it is accepted by most observers that ‘best fit'is more of import than ‘best pattern ‘ . There can be no cosmopolitan prescriptions for HRM policies and patterns. It all depends. This is non easy to state that ‘good pattern ‘ , ie pattern that does good in one environment, should be ignored. Benchmarking has its utilizations as a agency of placing countries for invention or development that are practiced to good consequence elsewhere. But holding learned about what plants and, ideally, what does non work in comparable organisations, it is up to the house to make up one's mind what may be relevant in general footings and what lessons can be learnt and adapted to suit its peculiar strategic and operational demands. The get downing point should be an analysis of the concern demands of the house within its context ( civilization, construction, engineerin g and procedures ) . This may bespeak clearly what has to be done. Thereafter, it may be utile to pick and blend assorted ‘best pattern ‘ ingredients and develop an attack that applies those that are appropriate in a manner that is aligned to the identified concern demands. But there are jobs with the best-fit attack, as pointed out by Purecell ( 1999 ) who, holding rubbished the construct of best pattern, proceeded to make the same for the impression of best tantrum: Meanwhile, the hunt for a eventuality or fiting theoretical account of HRM is besides limited by the impossibleness of patterning all the contigent variables, the trouble of demoing their interconnectedness, and the manner in which alterations in one variable have an impact on others. In Purcell ‘s position, organisations should be less concerned with best tantrum and best pattern and much more sensitive to procedures of organisational alteration so that they can ‘avoid being trapped in the logic of rational pick ‘ . ( Michael Armstrong, 2000, Strategic Human Resource Management, p-66 )Human Resource Management VS Personal ManagementHuman resource direction was foremost known as forces direction. However the present position of the field of human resource direction has been achieved after old ages of measuring development. In personnel direction people were manage stick disposal but in human resource direction people are consider resources, develop people and acquire them to pull off them self. Organizations now consider the human resource as a resource that could be developed instead than merely be managed. Personnel direction is more administrative in nature, covering with wage axial rotation, roll uping with employment jurisprudence and managing related undertaking. Human resources on the other manus are responsible for pull offing the work force as one of the primary resorts that contribute to the success of the organisation. Personnel direction manages people by rigorous administrative system but human resource direction considers people as a resource that can be ; Train and developed individuals. Personnel direction is less concentration on employee ‘s future potency and acquiring the best from employees through preparation, development and motive. but other manus of human resource direction identifies employees possible, countries for betterment, strength and weaknesses identifies developing demands and trains them achieves consequence through motive and occupation satisfaction. Human Resource Management from a strategic position and its deductions for the function of the line directors and employees Human resource direction is really of import to construct up relationship between line directors and employees. Below I mentioned country of covering strategic human resource activities. * Policy devising. * Designing and developing human resource schemes. * Lending to the corporate program of the organisation. * Integrating human resource activities to the chief intent of the organisation. * Job rating. * Salary disposal. * Incentives and benefits. * Grudges managing.1.2. Use GUEST MODEL OF HUMAN RESORCE MANAGEMENT TO LVMHLVMH utilizing human resource direction maps for build up their concern. Particularly they apply guest theoretical account for following maps. They are utilizing human resource scheme for invention the company. Regularly they check other retail merchants of the market. After that they focus their concern for current market. Normally they evaluate the cost of merchandise. Some clip they control the unneeded cost per merchandise. eg ; they seeking current market and halting over production Human resource direction patterns ; LVMH specially utilizing human resource patterns for enlistings. They are taking right individual for right occupation class. They offered preparation period for new employees. Always direction measuring employees and giving wagess for them. eg ; bonus Human resource results ; They ever get thoughts from clients and offers scope of options for flexible working. eg ; portion clip work, calling interruption Behaviour results ; The direction ever measuring workers and actuate them. It has good squad workers. Every clip they corporate with others and assisting them. Performance result ; LVMH measure everybody public presentation and utilizing some human resource patterns for addition productiveness. Human resource section discuss with employees and this clip cut down their absenteeism and labour turn over.Critically measure the Guest theoretical account of human resource directionHuman resource direction is regardful from traditional forces direction. However, Guest has acknowledged that the construct of committedness is mussy and that the relationship committedness and high public presentation is hard to set up. The strength of the guest theoretical account is that it clearly maps out the field of human resource direction and classifies the input and comes. The theoretical account is utile for analyzing the cardinal ends normally associated with the normative theoretical accounts of human resource direction ; strategic integrating, committedness, flexibleness and quality.2. TASK 022.1. Aim/Purpose: Why have a Strategy?To put the context for lar ning and development within the LVMH to reply the inquiries that staff, directors, and clients might hold: * Why is larning and development of import? * How does larning ‘fit in ‘ with staff functions, bringing of cardinal services? * What does the LVMH mean by larning and development? How do staff and directors make certain they have the acquisition they need? The purpose of this scheme is to supply a practical map and usher of how learning and development supports the work of the LVMH, at an person, squad and organisational degree. The scheme aims to put out the current purposes and aims and besides map the hereafter so that there is a ‘vision ‘ of how learning and development will back up the LVMH both now and in the hereafter across Provider and Commissioning. The intent so is to supply a model for larning for LVMH which will: * Set out the LVMH ‘s committedness to supplying larning and development for all staff * Ensure that staff are equipped with appropriate accomplishments, experience and support to enable them to go on to supply high quality attention and services * Ensure that procedures are in topographic point for staff to accomplish their possible and that single parts are valued and acted upon * Ensure that staff place preparation demands and undertake appropriate preparation as portion of their function and that preparation demands are identified at an person, squad and organizational degree * Ensure that high quality preparation and development is commissioned as needed * Effective acquisition and development procedures and systems are in topographic point that are accessible and clear.2.2. Supporting the LVMH to present its strategic purposes and aimsThe LVMH ‘s cardinal strategic purposes are to: Engage with the mark clients and their demands. Commission a full and just scope of high quality, antiphonal and efficient services, within allocated resources, across all service sectors. Directly provide high quality responsive and efficient services where this gives best value. The accomplishments of the strategic purposes are supported by a set of cardinal values. LVMH values are the qualities, criterions and rules that the LVMH believes will assist it and its staff to win. The values are: – Beryllium originative and innovate– Purpose for merchandise excellence– Bolstertheimageofourbrandswithpassionate finding– Act as enterprisers– Strive to be the best in all we do2.3. Core rules for Learning and Development across the LVMH:* To supply chances for acquisition, high value of accomplishments about international selling, personal development and accomplishments sweetening at all degrees. There is a demand to widen engagement to guarantee lower set staff have the development they need * To promote uninterrupted acquisition and infinite for invention and making something new so that services are adapted and improved as a consequence of acquisition * To be more than tantrum for intent but in chase of excellence * Endorse the rules of going a Learning Administration * Identify a systematic procedure and model for placing, planning, presenting and measuring acquisition and development at an person, squad and organizational degree * Support and develop a civilization that encourages assurance, motive and creativeness in staff leting them to be advanced, take hazards and gain their full potency * Ownership of larning and development by single members of staff so that they can see the value of larning and how it will back up them * Staff are our ‘customers ‘ . The acquisition and Development squad demand to guarantee that effectual feedback and quality confidence procedures are in topographic point * To be able to mensurate successThe scheme should:* Mean something to staff and Directors, be ‘live ‘ and existent and practical, mapping the current and future image and advancement * Be organic in that the Learning and Development squad continually assess and alter the scheme and vision through its ain acquisition * The Learning and Development scheme should beef up and be built-in to the LVMH organizational aims and public presentation direction models * Identify localised illustrations.2.4. Learning and Development: Strategic Aims and AimsTo Meet PCT Commissioner and Provider Strategic Aims, Values and Vision Ensure staffs are working safely and aptly and have the accomplishments and cognition they need to present high quality services: * Deliver foremost category Initiation * Provide high quality selling Training * Ensure all staff are go toing Statutory /Mandatory preparation * Ensure shop Supervision systems, preparation is in topographic point * Develop IT skills of our staff Support the LVMH to develop the work force of the hereafter: * Work with Provider and Commissioning Directorates to back up development of LVMH into the hereafter * To work with HR and OD Director to implant values of the LVMH through instruction and developing systems and procedures * Support the development of new functions * Identify preparation and development for new services as they are developed * Support the work force planning docket Support the LVMH in the bringing of its Inequalities Agenda * To guarantee incorporate working with Public * Ensure Equality monitoring and public presentation marks are met * To supply an equality and diverseness preparation programme for all staff * Complete an Equality Impact Assessment on the Learning and Development map * Develop systems to include staff feedback into bettering acquisition and development within the LVMH Develop first category leaders and directors within the Provider and Commissioning weaponries of the LVMH * Identify direction and leading scheme for all directors at appropriate sets * Delivery of in house leading programme * Develop a direction skills programme, place accomplishments / competences for Directors * Develop and supply Team Leader Training * Support Directors to entree external direction and leading programmes as appropriate * Develop mentoring, training and shadowing for staff * Provide preparation and support for Directors in Skills & A ; Knowledge to pull off alteration efficiency and confidentially Delivering high quality, advanced and originative acquisition chances Support the LVMH to go a learning administration and embed the doctrine of the instruction lvmh * Promote the rules and doctrine of the learning administration and the instruction LVMH * Embed the learning civilization * Encourage new ways of acquisition, preparation, e-learning * Support the organisational development docket * Develop work with adjacent LVMHs Ensure accessible and first-class high quality preparation, larning and development proviso is in topographic point * Develop the LVMHeducation and preparation squad and service * Commission preparation and development, both now and in the hereafter * Development of ‘self service ‘ developing disposal system * Ensure effectual systems and procedures are in topographic point * Development of Learning Centres and accessible ways of larning Develop a Quality Assurance model for Learning and Development * Demonstrate the value of larning within the administration * Benchmark against rivals * Develop mensurable criterions for larning and development procedures * Ensure robust informations aggregation and coverage * Develop a system for feedback from staff, spouses ‘customers ‘ * Quality confidence, monitoring, rating systems put in topographic point eg. I. Train the trainer, criterions of bringing for trainers two. Contracts for external trainers three Staff and spouse organisations four Staff questionnaire/feedback Use bing resources creatively and program resourcing for the hereafter such as * LVMH preparation budget * Income coevals * Sponsorship / grants2.5. StandardsService Standards will be included for each strategic aim and identified in the work programme.2.6. Duties / answerability: Training AdministrationAll members of staff have a duty for their ain acquisition and development, supported by Directors and the Learning and Development Team. For elaborate counsel on functions and duties on placing acquisition and development2.7. Success Standards: benchmarking, quality confidence processes: How will we mensurate Progress and Achievement?* Through regular reappraisals of the Work Programme * On traveling audience with staff * Evaluation and bite of feedback2.8. Review and MonitoringQuarterly reappraisal of scheme and work programme may supervise by Human Resources Committee.3. TASK 033.1. RECRUITMENTRecruitment refers to the procedure of pulling, showing, and choosing qualified people for a occupation at an organisation or house. For some constituents of the enlisting procedure, mid- and large-size organisations frequently retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the procedure to recruitment bureaus. The enlisting industry has five chief types of bureaus: employment bureaus, enlisting web sites and occupation hunt engines, â€Å" headhunters † for executive and professional enlisting, niche bureaus which specialize in a peculiar country of staffing and in-house enlisting. The phases in enlisting include sourcing campaigners by advertisement or other methods, and showing and choosing possible campaigners utilizing trials or interviews. ( Armstrong, Michael ( 2006 ) . A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice )ChoiceChoice is the procedure used to place and engage persons or groups of persons to make full vacancies within an organisation. Often based on an initial occupation analysis, the ultimate end of forces choice is to guarantee an equal return on investing — in other words, to do certain the productiveness of the new hire warrants the costs spent on recruiting and preparation that hire. Several testing methods exist that may be used in forces choice. Examples include the usage of lower limit or coveted makings, resume/application reappraisal, unwritten interviews, work public presentation steps ( e.g. , composing samples ) , and traditional trials ( e.g. , of occupation cognition ) . The field of forces choice has a long history and is associated with several Fieldss of research and application, including human resources and industrial psychological science.Recruitment and Selection of LVMHThey are based on higher demands for professionalism in the rating and choice methods, while offering campaigners a alone experience that gives them utile feedback for their professional development. Not merely are proficient accomplishments assessed, but besides the ability to bring forth and pass on consequences, the ability to work in a group, the ability to hold a strategic vision while cognizing how to do a day-to-day committedness and, eventually, the potency to go an enterprising leader motivated by a desire for ongoing betterment. Appraisal of these facets is made by LVMH group directors through interviews every bit good as single and group function plays. At the terminal of this intensive twenty-four hours, whatever the consequence, each campaigner receives several in- depth analyses to help him or her in understanding how he or she was perceived and the contents of the appraisal.Essential of international enlisting of LVMHSustained development of all LVMH activities enabled multiple occupations to be created in 2008 across the Group ‘s companies and trade names: Wines & A ; Spirits, Fashion & A ; Leather Goods, Perfumes & A ; Cosmetics, Watches & A ; Jewellery, and Selective Retailing. LVMH has 77,087 employees worldwide, with the mean figure of employees over the financial twelvemonth up 9.5 % compared to the old twelvemonth. Through its policy of selling merchandises with the â€Å"made in France† label, LVMH ensures that industrial occupations are maintained in France. The dislocation of the Group ‘s work force by geographical part is stable and balanced. 74 % of the work force is employed abroad, basically in the distribution webs of Europe, the Asia-Pacific part, and North and South America.Workforce of LVMH by geographic part26 % France 19,737 22 % Rest of Europe 17,226 22 % United States 16,723 6 % Japan 4,929 19 % Rest of Asia 14,831 5 % Other markets 3,641 Entire 77,087 ( Beginning ; LVMH Annual report-2008 ) There are 74 % of employees working internationally. Therefore international enlisting is of import to LVMH. They are anticipating a personal development within a professional, responsible squad in the organisation. placing with the values of a company is a major component in pulling and actuating the work forces and adult females who join LVMH and invest themselves in the Group. The Group presents its corporate duty policy during the initial contact with campaigners, for illustration during enlisting forums. The account of this policy is portion of the integrating procedure. The bar of psycho-social hazards in their orientation manuals or employee manuals, like DFS Group, Fendi or Glenmorangie. However they have consider the outlooks and motive of the squads. Entree and continued employment for older employees is besides a changeless concern, consistent both with the Group ‘s policy on diverseness and with itsInternational Recruitment at LVMHHere LVMH can happen a bit-by-bit usher to enlisting. International Recruitment & A ; Deployment e follow the extended International Recruitment procedure as follows: Phase 1: Ad utilizing print media and cyberspace including occupation show on our Job portal Phase 2: Screening of applications received in response to advertizement. Phase 3: Short listing, size uping informations harmonizing to the accomplishments, cognition and aptitude desired for the occupation. Phase 4: Test & A ; Interviews Phase 5: Choice Phase 6: Mention Check Phase 7: Completing the Visa/Administrative Process following the credence of Job offer by the campaigner. Phase 8: Travel agreement and deployment of the campaigner to occupation location. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Choice Methods ( Trials, Exercise, Presentations )The most popular choice method is Interviewing ; nevertheless the determination devising procedure at Interviewing panel phase will be improved if information extra to that obtained from the application signifier, CVs, mentions ( for academic and research stations ) and interview is available. It is hence desirable that the choice procedure includes an extra choice exercise/test. This should be designed to garner information about the ability of short-listed campaigners to transport out the specific responsibilities of the station by proving facets of the Person Specification, which can non easy be evaluated by an interview or mention. Some illustrations of choice exercisings are given below, all of these would necessitate to be carried out in conformity with good pattern in Equal Opportunities: In puting up and running choice exercises the undermentioned rules should be followed:Nature of Post:Choice Exercise:Research stationsCampaigners could be asked to present a seminar, give a departmental presentation or compose a study Posts that require supervisors accomplishments Campaigners could be asked to take portion in a supervisory function dramaGeneral:The appraisal of public presentation from choice trials must be made on a preset set of factors, instead than obscure generalisations, utilizing set standards will enable an nonsubjective appraisal of the trial set ; There should be a clear apprehension of what is being tested and what position the test/exercise has within the overall choice procedure ; If the test/exercise involves utilizing a package bundle, experience of utilizing that specific package bundle must hold been included in the choice standards for the station ; The test/exercise must be designed to supply an equal chance for each campaigner to show his/her abilities, in conformity with the Equal Opportunities Employment Policy ; Where appropriate, choice tests/exercises must be adapted for a campaigner with a disablement. For farther counsel on this the Recruitment Manager or HR Manager should be contacted ; The test/exercise must be decently planned in progress with each campaigner given full information on what is involved and sufficient clip for any readying required ; The test/exercise must non be biased in favour of internal campaigners, i.e. it should prove basic rules in relation to the station, non cognition of internal processs ; The information gathered from a choice exercising will merely associate to a limited figure of the overall demands of the station and the consequences must be judged in this context. However, if an indispensable standard for the station is being tested e.g. numeracy and the needed criterion for the trial is non met so the consequences must non be ignored ; Objective standards should be used to hit the trial that has been set and all information associating to the trial should be reported in a criterion and consistent format to Interviewing panel. If there are any factors which may hold influenced a campaigner ‘s public presentation e.g. breaks, medical conditions etc these should be reported to the panel. Presentations: campaigners should be given as much information as possible about the expected focal point of the presentation, associating this to the standards shown in the individual specification e.g. where an appointee is being sought with a research path record or with research potency, campaigners might be asked to present a presentation ‘on a subject related to your current or future research involvements ‘ ; campaigners should be provided with information about the intended audience, the expected length of the presentation and the installations available e.g. OHP, screen, PowerPoint available on a laptop computing machine etc ; nonsubjective standards should be set to measure presentations for possible lectors e.g. academic content, lucidity of look, ability to set content to audience and enthusiasm for the topic.Skills Trials:All trials should be given with clear, unambiguous instructions ; Trials should be uniformly administered, i.e. by the same individual, in the same fortunes, with the same instructions and with the same clip bounds. This will guarantee that comparable informations is obtained ; The individual administrating the trial must be made cognizant of their duties and the University ‘s policies associating to discrimination must be brought to their attending. They must non try to ‘interview ‘ the campaigner or obtain information from them. Guidance on planing appropriate trials and exercisings may be obtained from HR Services. The choice methods that will be used in add-on to an interview must be detailed on the Candidates for Interview Form sent to HR Services. This will guarantee that short-listed campaigners are informed about the choice procedure when invited to interview, e.g. the rubric of the presentation to be given or the nature of the trial to be taken.4. MentionsArmstrong M. , ( 2000 ) , Strategic Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition, London, Kogan page limited Armstrong M. , ( 2006 ) . ‘A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice ‘ , 10th ed. , London: Kogan Page LimitedArmstrong M.,2003. Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 9th edition. London, England. Kogan Publisher Limited.Michael Armstrong ( Author ) †º Visit Amazon ‘s Michael Armstrong Page Find all the books, read about the writer, and more. Bratton, J. , Gold, J. , ‘Human Resource Management ‘ , 2nd erectile dysfunction. London, MacMillan Press Ltd. * * * * * * * hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 21-01-2010 ) * hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 21-01-2010 )